Be the generation to defeatAIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria


[Registration closed!] FGFJ 15th Anniversary Event “Our Fight, Our Global Fund, Our Replenishment—Japan and the Global Fund” (3/20)

The event convenes leading policymakers and experts—including Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands—along with those on the frontlines of the battle with the three deadly diseases, to reflect on the impact that the Global Fund has had, what is unique about its approach, and what now needs to be done to take the next steps to combat these killer diseases.

Media Roundtable in the Lead-Up to the UNHLM on TB

June 5, 2018

Taking advantage of an Interactive Hearing for UN High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis (UNHLM on TB) on June 4, 2018, JCIE/FGFJ worked with the United Nations Foundation and Results US to hold a media roundtable the following day.