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Visit Niger, Indonesia and Malawi in a New Documentary on the Global Fund’s Impact

March 24, 2022
Visit Niger, Indonesia and Malawi in a New Documentary on the Global Fund’s Impact

The “Friends of the Global Fund” network—organizations that work to deepen the understanding of and expand the support base for the Global Fund in Europe, the United States, and Japan—has come together to create a short documentary to showcase the most recent impact of the Global Fund up close by virtually visiting three countries, Niger, Indonesia, and Malawi.

How is the Global Fund’s support being used locally? 

Interviews were conducted in Niger, Indonesia, and Malawi to hear directly from the voices in these regions to explain the Global Fund’s efforts and approach to the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria—diseases that claim 2.6 million lives annually—as well as the efforts to strengthen health systems in these countries. The interviews were conducted in 2022 under the ongoing COVID pandemic with the support of local crews.

  • Each of the female outreach community workers in Niamey, Niger has a personal story to tell about malaria. They are at the forefront of preventing this disease that is the second leading cause of death in the country. The Global Fund supports these community efforts to strengthen the overall capacity to respond to infectious diseases and end the deadly pandemic. 
  • Indonesia has the third highest burden of tuberculosis (TB) in the world. The video reveals the Global Fund’s role in the fight against multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB, which requires painful and lengthy treatment. It tells the story through the voices of a patient, the advocates involved in the fight against this disease, and the doctors who are at the forefront of the fight against both COVID-19 and TB.
  • The story from Malawi highlights the ongoing discrimination and prejudice against HIV in the country, which is a disease that is overwhelmingly spreading among young women and adolescents as well as sex workers and MSM, who are among the key populations most affected by HIV. The video shows how the Global Fund supports the country’s efforts to combat both this disease and the stigma around it at the local and national levels.

Available in 3 different versions and in 6 languages.

The story of the film is tailored slightly for each region within the Friends of the Global Fund network, with three versions available for viewing. 

Watch as the Global Fund continues its fight to end the three pandemics and to make health systems more resilient and prepared for future pandemics (with Japanese subtitles only):

Co-produced by:
Friends of the Global Fund, Japan (FGFJ, Japan)
The Friends of the Global Fight (US)
Friends of the Global Fund Europe (Europe)
Supported by :
Fund for the Global Fund
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