FGFJ Welcomes Highest-Ever Japanese Contribution to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB & Malaria

March 13, 2012

The FGFJ welcomes Japan’s commitment of US$340 million to the Global Fund for 2012. This commitment marks the highest contribution ever from Japan, 38 percent higher than the previous peak of US$246 million in 2010. The first disbursement of US$216 million was made in March, and the remaining funds will be transferred to the Global Fund later, putting Japan on track to fulfill the US$800 million commitment announced by then Prime Minister Naoto Kan in September 2010. The 2012 commitment brings Japan’s cumulative contributions to the Global Fund since 2002 to more than US$1.6 billion.

Japan’s contribution is particularly significant as it comes only a year after the northeastern region of the country suffered a devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear crisis on March 11, 2011. While the country is still grappling with rebuilding in the devastated areas and many other domestic challenges, this year’s commitment highlights Japan’s steadfast commitment to the Global Fund, despite ongoing competing concerns.

The Global Fund has approved US$22.6 billion of funding and helped save millions of lives since it was established only 10 years ago. With many donor countries reducing or postponing their contributions to the fund due to the global financial crisis and other concerns, Japan’s contribution is even more valuable and will allow communities in some of the most-affected countries of the world to continue accessing lifesaving prevention and treatment services.

International AIDS Society’s press release hailing the announcement