G20 Business Summit Calls for Corporate Action on Global Health

Seoul, November 11, 2010

At the G20 Business Summit held in Seoul this week, Takeda Pharmaceutical President and CEO Yasuchika Hasegawa and Anglo American Chief Executive Cynthia Carroll co-convened a working group meeting on access to healthcare. The working group explored the myriad ways in which the corporate sectors in G20 member countries can contribute to improving global health. The group’s report, “Increasing Access to Healthcare in Developing Economies,” calls on fellow participants to work together to help address the significant healthcare challenges facing developing economies.

Anglo American and Takeda Pharmaceutical are both leaders in the global health field, particularly in the fight against communicable diseases. Anglo American used the summit as an opportunity to announce a pledge of US$3 million to the Global Fund over the next three years. Earlier this year, Takeda Pharmaceutical pledged US$10 million to the Global Fund over the next 10 years to support capacity building among health workers in three countries in Africa.

The Global Fund welcomed the two companies’ contributions and expressed its hope that they will serve as catalysts for further investment from companies around the world.