A multi-party task force of Diet members has been created to examine ways to broaden Japan’s international role in combating the global threats of AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other communicable diseases.

The FGFJ Diet Task Force convenes several times a year with leaders from around the world. In addition to meeting with representatives of the Global Fund when they are visiting Japan, the Diet Task Force has met with such prominent global health and foreign policy actors as George Soros, founder of the Open Society Institute; Surin Pitsuwan, former secretary-general of ASEAN and former foreign minister of Thailand; Bill Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Richard Feachem, former Global Fund executive director; and Tommy S. Thompson, chair emeritus of the Global Fund and former US secretary of health and human services.

The FGFJ Diet Task Force also met in May 2013 with Senegalese Health Minister Awa Marie Coll-Seck, Global Fund Executive Director Mark Dybul, and Hideyo Noguchi Africa Prize Laureate and Director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Peter Piot. Most recently, the Diet Task Force took part in a study tour to Myanmar where they witnessed first hand the Global Fund’s role in the fight against infectious diseases.

Task Force Members

As of November 2021
Ichiro AISAWAMember, House of Representative (Liberal Democratic Party)
Motohisa FURUKAWAMember, House of Representative (Democratic Party for the People)
Liberal Democratic Party (LDP)
Toshiko ABEMember, House of Representatives
Gaku HASHIMOTOMember, House of Representatives
Yoshimasa HAYASHIMember, House of Representatives
Masahiro ISHIDAMember, House of Councillors
Seiji KIHARAMember, House of Representatives
Hitoshi KIKAWADAMember, House of Representatives
Fumio KISHIDAMember, House of Representatives
Karen MAKISHIMAMember, House of Representatives
Tamayo MARUKAWAMember, House of Councillors
Hirokazu MATSUNOMember, House of Representatives
Yasutoshi NISHIMURAMember, House of Representatives
Yuko OBUCHIMember, House of Representatives
Masaki OGUSHIMember, House of Representatives
Itsunori ONODERAMember, House of Representatives
Ken SAITOMember, House of Representatives
Kentaro SONOURAMember, House of Representatives
Keisuke SUZUKIMember, House of Representatives
Norikazu SUZUKIMember, House of Representatives
Keizo TAKEMIMember, House of Councillors
Norihisa TAMURAMember, House of Representatives
Tsuyoshi YAMAGUCHIMember, House of Representatives
Noriko FURUYAMember, House of Representative
Masaaki TANIAIMember, House of Councillors
Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP)
Yukio EDANOMember, House of Representative
Tetsuro FUKUYAMAMember, House of Councillors
Ryuhei KAWADAMember, House of Councillors
Makiko KIKUTAMember, House of Representative
Hiroyuki NAGAHAMAMember, House of Councillors
Shinji OGUMAMember, House of Representative
Chinami NISHIMURAMember, House of Representative
Democratic Party for the People (DPP)
Shinya ADACHIMember, House of Councillors
Shuhei KISHIMOTOMember, House of Representative
Kohei OHTSUKAMember, House of Councillors
Yuichiro TAMAKIMember, House of Representative

Latest News on the Diet Task Force:

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FGFJ 15th Anniversary Event “Our Fight, Our Global Fund, Our Replenishment—Japan and the Global Fund”

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