The media plays an important role in educating the general public about global challenges and responses to those challenges.

FGFJ reaches out to media outlets in Japan to provide information on communicable diseases and the Global Fund’s activities. We also facilitate greater communication between the Japanese media and the Global Fund’s communications team. In addition, we work closely with the Global Fund to organize visits for Japanese journalists and other media representatives to communities that have been most affected by AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria so that they can gain a more in-depth understanding of the challenges and of the changes that have happened at the community level as a result of Global Fund support.

In November 2013, FGFJ and the Global Fund worked with Japan’s national broadcasting company, NHK, to arrange a trip to South Africa so that they could film activities on the ground helping to stem the spread of tuberculosis in the lead-up to a South Africa opera company’s Tokyo performance of La Bohème. NHK recorded the activities of a Cape Town NGO receiving support from the Global Fund.
A press tour visit to a hospital in Vietnam specializing in tuberculosis. The visit took place just prior to several international conferences with a focus on global health and attracted participants from many of Japan’s major media outlets. The participants visited projects supported by the Global Fund in Cambodia and Vietnam.