Based on a strong understanding that no sector can win the fight against communicable diseases acting on its own, FGFJ encourages the Japanese corporate sector to get involved as well.

Contributions from the corporate sector go beyond financial contributions to include donations of goods and services, technical assistance, and the integration of activities to fight communicable diseases into companies’ regular operating procedures. FGFJ actively encourages Japanese companies to form innovative partnerships with the Global Fund and develops case studies and organizes seminars on successful corporate engagement in the fight against communicable diseases.

Takeda Initiative

Takeda Pharmaceutical decided to contribute to the fight against communicable diseases based on its commitment to “Better Health and a Brighter Future.” In 2010, the company began its partnership with the Global Fund, contributing approximately US1$ million per year over a ten-year period to strengthen human resources dedicated to fighting communicable diseases in Africa. It then renewed this partnership for a further five years in 2019 to support the improvement of maternal and child health by integrating quality HIV, tuberculosis, and malaria services in antenatal and postnatal care in Africa. FGFJ helped make the original connection between Takeda Pharmaceutical and the Global Fund, continues to facilitate communication between the two, and brings representatives from Takeda to visit projects it is supporting in the field. FGFJ also tries to leverage the unprecedented Japanese corporate contribution to encourage other companies in Japan to contribute to the work of the Global Fund as well.

Sony Public Viewing in Tanzania

During the 2010 World Cup, Sony Corporation, in partnership with the UN Development Programme and the Japan International Cooperation Agency, set up large-screen televisions in several African countries and supported public viewing of soccer matches interspersed with public service messages regarding HIV/AIDS prevention. Following the success of their “Dream Goal 2010,” Sony partnered with the Global Fund and one of its grantees, the African Medical and Research Fund, in 2011 to organize public viewings of movies in Tanzania along with educational messages regarding HIV/AIDS.