All sectors of society in Japan can play a role in the fight against communicable diseases, including the NGOs and other associations that make up Japan’s civil society.

FGFJ works closely with a wide range of global health and development NGOs in Japan, as well as organizations from around the world, to make sure that their voices are heard and reflected in global health–related policymaking. Activities range from co-organization of large awareness-raising events to seminars and roundtables on civil society’s role in the fight, and also to joint advocacy visits with key decision makers.

In the lead-up to the Global Fund’s fourth replenishment conference, FGFJ worked with several other Japanese organizations—the Africa Japan Forum and Results Japan—to organize a symposium on Japan’s role in creating a world free from communicable diseases. (Photo credit: Results Japan)
The Cross-Border Café is organized by the Japanese Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS. Advocacy by organizations of people living with HIV/AIDS around the world is credited with setting the stage for partnerships between NGOs and donors that have been a vital part of the fight against communicable diseases. (Photo credit: Osamu Kikuchi)