FGFJ Welcomes the Announcement of Mark Dybul’s Appointment as New Global Fund Executive Director

November 15, 2012

The Global Fund announced on November 15 the appointment of Mark Dybul as its new executive director. FGFJ welcomes his appointment and looks forward to working closely with Dr. Dybul in our joint efforts to engage Japan further in the Global Fund’s mission. FGFJ Director Ken Shibusawa congratulated the Global Fund board on the decision. “The board has made a wise choice in selecting Dr. Dybul for this position. He has proven himself to be a strong advocate in the fight against communicable diseases and a highly competent administrator. I have no doubt that he will build on the Global Fund’s success over the past 10 years and lead it in a positive direction going forward.”

Japan played a central role in ensuring that the selection process was fair and transparent, with the former Japanese representative on the Global Fund board, Masaki Noke of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, serving as chair of the ad hoc nomination committee. The ad hoc nomination committee was tasked with presenting a shortlist of up to four candidates to the board in advance of the November 15 vote that led to Dr. Dybul’s selection.

For more about Dr. Dybul and his appointment, please visit the Global Fund’s website. To read more about Dr. Dybul in Japanese, please visit FGFJ’s Japanese language site.